05.12.2020 - 31.12.2020

Are you a working professional curious to learn more on how your company can become more circular? The event will kick-off with a series of informative videos, uploaded at regular intervals throughout the first ten days of December. The videos will be streamed on our YouTube channel and exclusively accessible to event participants. View the series at your own pace, from the comfort of anywhere.

This part of the event serves as a warmup by providing high quality insights to today's Upcycling state-of the-art. Get to know industry leaders through video interviews, learn about the potential of different side-streams and discover innovative companies that present their Upcycled products and their journeys getting there. 

We invite you to use this unique opportunity to understand the potential locked in your side-streams and how it can be unleashed to benefit you and the world we live in.

Access for all participants from 05.12.2020 until 31.12.2020

Access via:


10th of December 09.00 - 12:30

All you need is an open, curious mind. Join us on December 10th for four live world cafe sessions bringing together representatives from industry, the public sector, NGO's, research and SMEs. These sessions are designed to trigger interesting discussions about the potential, challenges, future outlook and key drivers of industrial Upcycling. 


​We look forward to seeing you in December 2020!

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