We are calling all interested artists to bring life to the concept of ‘upcycling’ through art.

The objective is to create an artform or a product using one or more materials that are typically discarded (i.e. generally not recycled or reused). Priority should be given to materials that arise in significant quantities and whose unmanaged disposal is often associated with a negative social, environmental or economic impact.

Examples of such undervalued materials include, but are not limited to; food & beverage industry side-streams such as cacao husks, fruit pomace, coffee grounds and spent grains, textiles and ceramic waste. For more inspiration and side-stream ideas, we invite you to check out the RethinkResource website.

Entries that leverage the properties (color, smell, etc.), functionalities (strength, permeability, etc.) or other characteristics of the material in the created art piece are preferred (as opposed to putting apple peels in a piece of concrete). We would also like to see that the art either reflects the story of the material or gives new life to the material in an unexpected or even ironic or humoristic way. We accept any physical art form. Performances may only be submitted via video.


Up to 20 art pieces will be selected to be permanently displayed throughout the 2-day event. The art will be viewed by professional guests, influencers and the general public. We also provide the artists the opportunity to put their art up for sale.



We invite interested parties to send us a short statement (maximum 350 words) describing the idea, the materials used, the artform (painting, object, sculpture, video etc.), approximate dimensions and the motivation behind it. This statement is non-binding and the concept may be altered at a later stage. The statement is intended as a formal requirement to prevent similar concepts from being submitted and to ensure that the criteria are met.

Please submit the initial statement by July 30th 2020. Earlier statements are welcomed as they will be continuously screened.

The final completed art piece is to be submitted by the 13th of September 2020. Artists will receive confirmation on whether their art has been selected for showcasing during the event by the 20th of September 2020.

More details regarding the final submission will follow...


The art competition is non-discriminatory and welcomes entries from all genders, ethnicities, nationalities and religions. We also accept art that has already been created not specifically for this event, as long as it meets the set criteria. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.