Join the first online interactive Upcycling event aimed at bringing the growing world of industrial upcycling to the forefront.

​Ever wondered what could be done with high-volume side-streams such as fruit pulp, coca shells and spent grain so that they turn into profitable end-products? Industrial upcycling ensures that valuable materials which would be otherwise considered as waste, are not lost, but rather, creatively reutilised. This closed circle is what you will discover at the event.


We invite you to think critically and broaden your horizons as you recognise the potential in overlooked resources.

Sign-up and see for yourself what the phrases circular economy and sustainability truly look like.


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We are RethinkResource, a innovation agency and engineering office in the heart of Zurich, focused on bringing the best upcycling innovations from across the world to the European Food Industry and beyond. 

Being a partner of the EIT Food Ambassador Programme, 2020 is our turn to host an event which forms part of the Eating the gap series. Backed by EIT Food, Eating the Gap Zürich - Upcycled Industry is intended for the participants to discover the hidden values in industrial side-streams whilst networking and discussing with like-minded individuals who want to contribute towards a more circular and sustainable economy. We know what the world of Upcycling has to offer, so we want to use this platform to spread knowledge and awareness, spark discussions and initiate new ideas. 

We look forward to seeing you in December 2020!